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How to use Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media network that allows users to upload, edit and share their photos with other users. Using Instagram is not difficult, but in case you are a complete beginner it is nice to read some tips that will help you start suing this application right away.

1. First and foremost, you need to download this application to your mobile device. This application is available for almost every operating system used in modern mobile devices – Android, Windows, iOS etc. It doesn’t require much memory and the installation process is the same as the ones used for other mobile apps. Once you start the application you will have to create a new account. This is another simple process – you need to choose a username, password and leave your email address. If you want you can add a profile photo, your phone number and write a short About description.

2. When you activate your account you will get the chance to add your friends (from the phonebook as well as your friends present on other social media networks) and you can also use the search field to look for other people. It is not unusual to follow people that you don’t actually know. When you start following someone you will get updates from their activity and you’ll get access to their full profile.

3. In the application itself, you can use the Feed section and scroll to your friends’ updates. You can use the refresh button to get the latest updates. Another great feature is the Popular tab where you can see popular photos of people that you don’t follow. This is a nice way to find users who have inspirational and interesting photos. You can also get notifications about the comments and activities of your friends. Don’t forget that you can limit the visibility of your photos – visible only to your followers or visible to everyone.

4. Although this is an editing app too, Instagram doesn’t have many options when it comes to editing. You can crop and rotate photos and add certain effects and filters.

We hope that this basic information will help you enjoy Instagram even more.