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Instagram for business – A Basic Guide

According to some statistics, Instagram has more than 350 million users. Experienced marketers know that an online social network with so many users is a great place to promote services and products.

Instagram is used mostly for visual communication since it allows users to upload photos on their profiles and communicate with other users through their photos. It is very important, just like in the case of other social platforms to be an active user and leave comments on other user’s photos, to follow new people and to like their photos in order to establish communication.

Do not focus only on photos of your services and products, use more photos from your office, business meetings, trips etc. Now let’s see how exactly you can use Instagram for business.

First of all, you need to develop a plan and strategy. For example, you should create a theme and stick to it – upload photos that are related to the theme. According to many marketing experts, setting up a thematic photo album attracts more people than a random set of photos that are not related to each other. In other words, you can spend one week or month posting photos from the offices or from the business meetings.

Furthermore, if you want to get the attention of a wider audience (and probably targeted audience) you should definitely use hashtags in your posts. These tags are used in order to help people who have certain interests to find your business. This is a great way to build and strengthen your brand. You can find many tips about the use of hashtags on Intagram’s official page and you can use the search engines to find the trending hashtags in various fields. Remember that you should use these hashtags only when it is appropriate to use them because otherwise you will lose your credibility.

Use the filer because they allow you to be creative and unusual and interesting photos attract more people even if you are just trying to promote your service or product through these photos. Instagram also allows the use of videos, so make sure to use videos to share your marketing message.