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Instagram or Facebook – Which Platform is better?

If you are a type of person that sticks to the things they know then you have probably not used Instagram because you believe that having a Facebook profile is enough. However, people who have experience with social media believe that those without Instagram accounts are missing a great opportunity to have fun and even improve their business. Instagram is much more than taking selfies and sharing them with your friends and in case you are not sure whether you should use this app or not we are presenting you a shortlist of good reasons why you should do that now.

One of the main reasons why people prefer Instagram over Facebook and other social platforms is the fact that this is a great photo app. It can actually encourage people to improve their photography skills and encourages their creativity. You can easily find and start following some popular actors, celebrities and models that will give you some ideas for taking photos. Facebook relies on written communication although the videos and photos are part of this experience too.

Another thing that people like about Instagram is its simplicity and user-friendly design. Any newbie can figure out how to use this application in a matter of minutes. You can take and share photos in just few clicks. The news feed is simple and minimal and you can only see photos there, so you don’t have reject invitations for playing games or click on malware-containing URLs.

Instagram has a much simpler privacy policy and you can choose to share the content with your followers, have completely private photos or give access to your photos to the public. It is very easy to change these settings and this is something that you can’t expect from Facebook.

Although some people use hashtags on Facebook too, a simple search will provide fewer results compared to Instagram. Using hashtags can help you reach more people and this is especially useful for those who want to use Instagram as a tool that can improve their marketing efforts.

These are only some of the reasons why you should start using Instagram today and don’t forget – you can easily manage both your Facebook and instagram accounts.